June 2017
Silego Introduces Next “Flexible Power Islands” Device with Low Drop-Out Regulators
Silego Technology Inc. (Silego) announces the introduction of SLG46580, further expanding the GreenPAK™ family of Configurable Mixed-signal Integrated Circuits (CMICs). This newest GreenPAK is targeted to support power systems in wearable and handheld market segments. This device is both highly integrated and highly flexible, and can provide a rich set of features, including voltage monitoring, power sequencing, reset functions and low drop-out regulators (LDOs), that are configurable in settings and interconnect.
Power Sequencing with LDOs
Silego GreenPAK devices that include LDOs can serve as ultra-small power management integrated circuits (ICs). They are designed to create “Flexible Power Islands” (FPI), where the user can customize their power system to their individual application requirements. We will demonstrate how to create a custom power sequencing IC using low drop-out regulators with GreenPAK SLG46580.
Consumer electronics operating in the vicinity of edge connectors must be tolerant of electrical surges and abuses caused by an incorrect application of power adapters. This has made system-level over-voltage protection (OVP) a standard requirement. The SLG59H1302C’s 130 V surge protection rating is 30% stronger than the competition, and its 20-nanosecond reaction time to OVP events is at least seven times faster.
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We will demonstrate how to implement a DC-DC flyback converter using GreenPAK, which can dynamically control the output voltage. Flyback converters are popular for low power applications such as backlighting for LCD monitors, micro pumps and piezo electronics, but is also reusable for applications ranging from 30 V to 450 V by simply varying configuration parameters.
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Practical Use of GreenPAK Pulse Counter: Frequency Counter, Thermometer, Voltmeter
This application note will show some of the capabilities of digital and analog macrocells within the SLG46533V GreenPAK CMIC.
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Flexible Range ADC with I2C Interface
Learn how to create an ADC of up to 16-bits in a GreenPAK device which has an I2C interface useful for connecting to MCUs. The ADC architecture uses minimal GreenPAK resources, yet allows for easy input range adjustment via resistors.
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Training & Events

Live Webinar
This webinar will introduce you to the concept of FPIs using the SLG46580 CMICs. Advantages of this technique and design examples will be discussed in detail.



Flex recognizes Silego with “Preferred Supplier Award”.


June 28
IoT5: Solving IoT Cost, Size, and Power Headaches, Evolving Designs with Configurable Mixed-Signal Devices
Speaker: David Chow, Application Engineer

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Wearable Technologies Conference
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