July 2017
Keypad Scanner Demo Board Presentation
Using GreenPAK™, it is easy to create a low-power, low-cost, fully customizable keypad scanner to offload functionality, I/O burden and power from more expensive and less efficient devices. Silego's Keypad Scanner demo board, along with GreenPAK Designer software, is a great tool to help users learn how to implement keypad scanning design with GreenPAK.
In this application note, we will create a Geiger counter circuit based on the fly-back circuit, and will interpret the data with a LabView graphical user interface. We will highlight how the Silego GreenPAK can be suitable to implement all the analog and digital functionality to drive a high-voltage Geiger-Muller tube, count the discharge events, and communicate with a personal computer via LabView.
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We will demonstrate how to use two Silego GreenPAK SLG46620V’s and two KQ-330F Power Line Communication Modems to remotely control power for up to eight appliances. This concept can be scaled for many consumers and appliances, since one power distribution company could have several thousand customers.
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Remote Control IR Receiver / Decoder
A remote control infrared (IR) receiver, decoder and comparator can be easily implemented using a GreenPAK. This low power implementation requires few external components and is useful when just one configurable address and command is needed.
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Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) is one of the most used methods for detecting errors in binary digital communication channels and storage devices. In this application note, an 8-bit length CRC generator is implemented in GreenPAK based on the specifications for a 1-wire communication protocol.
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Training & Events

Live Webinar
Low cost sensors and sensor interfaces can be implemented in tiny Configurable Mixed-signal Integrated Circuits (CMICs) to significantly reduce power, size and time to market. Learn how to implement a sensor (pressure, optical, proximity, etc.) in a low cost programmable IC. See examples of sensor interface circuit designs and learn how these designs can be prototyped in a CMIC in a matter of minutes.


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