August 2017
Silego Announces Shipping More Than Three Billion Configurable Mixed-signal ICs
Silego Technology Inc. announced shipping three billion units since its introduction of the pioneering Configurable Mixed-signal ICs (CMICs). In addition, Silego announced it shipped more than one hundred million units in the month of July.
Recent industry information suggests a broad trend towards longer lead times.
Silego consistently maintains four to six weeks lead time on all CMIC devices.
Adding vibration to your product is a great way to create a sensory rich user experience. The easiest method to accomplish this is to add a small eccentric rotating mass (ERM) motor. Using the SLG46580 GreenPAK™, provides a fully customizable, low-power solution to drive and control a wide variety of small ERM motors appropriate for devices such as mobile phones, game controllers, etc.
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In this application note we created a variable-length power duty cycle controller to help extend the battery life of a system. It will use an ultra-low power GreenPAK as a dedicated microcontroller wake/sleep device.
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Wall Following Robot
The Silego GreenPAK Configurable Mixed-signal IC can be used to implement autonomous wall following robot (vehicle). In this application note, we will explain how to design an obstacle detection and avoidance system using a GreenPAK along with a few external ultrasonic and infrared (IR) sensors. This design will introduce some topics that are required for autonomous and artificially intelligent robotic systems.
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In this application note, we will demonstrate an ultra-low power, low voltage lock-in amplifier for portable embedded applications based on the Silego SLG88104 Rail to Rail input/Output 375 nA Quad OpAmp.
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Live Webinar
This course will cover several touch sensor implementations as well as common issues which can influence sensor behavior. Environmental parameters (moisture, temperature, noise, etc.) can cause an instable system where false touches are detected. This webinar will cover various circuits to compensate for these issues. All described sensor circuits will be implemented in GreenPAK Configurable Mixed-signal ICs to allow low power, low cost, easily modifiable designs.

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