Application Notes

Silego provides a complete library of application notes featuring design examples as well as explanations of features and blocks within the Silego IC. Each design example comes with a GreenPAK software file (.gp) that allows the user to easily view, modify, and prototype the proposed IC.

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Name Product Product Datsheet Links Tags Language Buy Development Kit
AN-1001 Ambient Light Sensing Using GPAK GreenPAK2 Light, Sensor, GreenPAK2, Ambient, Light, Sensing, Using, GPAK, John, McDonald English
AN-1002 Reverse Current Blocking with Silego GreenFET Load Switches GreenFET1 Reverse, Current, Blocking, with, Silego, GreenFET, Load, Switches, Power, Management, Chuck, Husted English
AN-1003 Digital Multiplexer GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) Digital, Multiplexer, GreenPAK2, MUX, Select English
AN-1004 Determining the Correct Crystal Load capacitance for use with GreenCLK GreenCLK GreenCLK, GCLK, Clock, Crystals, Xtals, Oscillator, Quartz, ESR, Equivalent Series Resistance, Load Capacitance English
AN-1005 Determining the Correct Crystal Load Capacitance for use with GreenCLK3 GreenCLK3 GreenCLK3, GCLK3, Clock, Crystals, Xtals, Oscillator, Quartz, ESR, Equivalent Series Resistance, Load Capacitance English
AN-1006 Proper PCB Layout GreenCLK GreenCLK, GCLK, Clock, PCB, Layout, RF, RCAP, Bypass Capacitor English
AN-1007 Silego Demoboard (Chinese) GreenPAK2, GreenFET3 SLG46400V (Rev B) 通和, 注, 由於 Chinese
AN-1008 Silego Demoboard GreenPAK2, GreenFET3 SLG46400V (Rev B) LED, N-Channel, ADC, PWM, GreenFET, Peter, Zheng English
AN-1009 GreenPAK Macro Circuit Design: Voltage Controlled Oscillator with External RC Circuit GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) Oscillator, RC, ACMP, VCO, Macro Circuit Design English
AN-1010 GreenPAK Macro Circuit Design: Configurable Generators GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) Configurable Generators, LED, Blinking, Square, Waveform, Generator, Clock Divider , Macro Circuit Design English
AN-1011 GreenPAK Macro Circuit Design: Dynamic switching comparator GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) Dynamic Switching, Reduce, Power Consumption, ACMP, Analog, Comparator, Monitor , Macro Circuit Design English
AN-1012 GreenPAK™ Macro Circuit Design: Digital Deglitch Filter GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) Deglitch, Filter, Delay, Noise, DLY/CNT, Macro Circuit Design English
AN-1013 GreenPAK Macro Circuit Design: Sequencer GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) Sequencer, Pipe Delay, nRESET, Macro Circuit Design English
AN-1014 GreenPAK Macro Circuit Design: Digital Edge Detector GreenPAK2, GreenPAK3 SLG46400V (Rev B), SLG46721V Digital, Edge Detector, Edge, Pulse, LUT, Rising, Falling, Both, Macro Circuit Design English Dev. Board
AN-1015 GreenPAK Macro Circuit Design: Active HIGH Latch GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) Digital Latch, Feedback, LUT, Reset, POR, Macro Circuit Design English
AN-1016 Serial to Parallel/Parallel to Serial (S2P) GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) Serial, Parallel, External Clock, nCSB, MOSI, MSB, MISO, CAPTURE, Communication Block, Macro Circuit Design English
AN-1017 GreenPAK Macro Circuit Design SPI Code Detector GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) SPI, Serial, S2P, nCSB, Pipe Delay, SPI Code, Detector, Macro Circuit Design English
AN-1018 GreenPAK Macro Circuit Design: Wake and Sleep for Analogue Comparator GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) Wake Sleep, Power Consumption, Analog Comparator, Macro Circuit Design English
AN-1019 GreenPAK Macro Circuit Design: Window Comparator GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) Window, ACMP, LUT, Analog Comparator, Macro Circuit Design English
AN-1020 Selectable High Voltage Generation with GreenPAK GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) High Voltage, Programmable Reference, TL431, LUT, Chuck, Husted English
AN-1021 FET Control Using GreenPAK2 GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) Switching, Power, Supply, Lines, FET, Priority, Sequencer, MOSFETs English
AN-1022 GreenPAK Macro Circuit Design: Digital Multiplexer GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B)
Multiplexer, DMUX, Select, IN, Switch, LUT, Macro Circuit Design English
AN-1023 H-bridge Motor Driver Using GreenPAK2 GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) H-Bridge, Load, DC Motors, Schottky, LUT, DLY, Application Circuit, Flexible, OCP, Over, Current, Protection, SPI, Code Detector, Serial Peripheral Interface, nCSB, SDA, PWM English
AN-1024 Button Reset Using GreenPAK2 GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) Timer, Reset, Delay, Switch, Power On Reset, POR English
AN-1025 1.0uA Battery Voltage Monitor GreenPAK4 SLG46620V ACMP, Wake, Sleep, Current, Sense, Sensing, Battery, WS Ctrl English Dev. Board
AN-1026 Constant Current LED Driver GreenPAK3 SLG46110V Constant Current, LED, Driver, Brightness, Forward Voltage English Dev. Board
AN-1027 SLG55546 Port Power Management BCID SLG55546V Port Power Management (PPM), High Current Charging, Overload Protection, USB, Hub, SLG55546 English
AN-1028 GPIO Expander/Single Wire Interface GreenPAK3 SLG46722V Single Wire Interface (SWI), GPIO Expander, Decoder English Dev. Board
AN-1029 Adding nSET/nRESET to DFF's GreenPAK3 SLG46721V D Flip-Flop, nRESET, nSET Clock, Q English Dev. Board
AN-1030 SLG55546 as a Current Limiter with fault detection BCID SLG55546V Current Limiter, Fault Detection, SLG55546 English
AN-1031 GreenPAK Macro Circuit Design: Serial-Parallel/Parallel-Serial Conversion Circuit (Japanese) GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) シリアルパラレル, パラレルシリアル, シリアル入力端子, S2P, シリアルデータ, パラレルデータ, nCSB, MOSI, 外部クロック Japanese
AN-1032 Fluid level controller GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) Fluid, Controller, Electrical Conductivity EC, ACMP, Timer, Sensor, Power Savings English
AN-1033 Load power monitor using greenpak2 GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) Sensor, Current, LED, ACMP, ADC, DCMP English
AN-1034 Sequencer for 3 power rails GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) Sequencer, Glitch Filter, Delay, ACMP, GreenFETs English
AN-1035 Motion Detector with PIR Sensor GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) Passive Infared Sensor, PIR, Sensor, IR, Buzzer, External Drive Buzzer, Motion Detection English
AN-1036 Temperature Sensor with Thermistor GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) Sensor, Temperature Monitor, Thermistor, Delay, ACMP, Analog Conversion, Alarm Limits English
AN-1037 GreenPAK Macro Circuit Design: Sequencer (Japanese) GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) シーケンサー, シーケンス制御, パイプディレイ Japanese
AN-1038 GreenPAK Macro Circuit Design: SPI Code Detector(Japanese) GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) シリアル・パラレル変換回路, S2P, パイプディレイ, nCSB, MOSI, 外部クロック Japanese
AN-1039 GreenPAK Macro Circuit Design: Wake and Sleep for Analog Comparator (Japanese) GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) 間欠動作, アナログコンパレータ, ウェイク, スリープ, 消費電力 Japanese
AN-1040 GreenPAK Macro Circuit Design: Dynamic switching comparator (Japanese) GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) ON/OFF制御, アナログ, アナログコンパレータ, 消費電力, 間欠動作 Japanese
AN-1041 Temperature monitoring with external sensor IC's GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) Sensor, Temperature Monitor, External Senor, Delay, ACMP, Analog Conversion, Alarm Limits English
AN-1042 Remote Control IR Reciever/Decoder GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) Sensor, Remote Control, Infared Receiver, Decoder, NEC Protocol, AGC burst, TSOP4838, S2P English
AN-1043 Delay cell configuration with auto powerdown GreenPAK1, GreenPAK2, GreenPAK3 SLG46110V, SLG46120V, SLG46200V, SLG46400V (Rev B), SLG46721V, SLG46722V Counter, Delay, Long Time, POR, RC OSC, Auto Power Down, Power Consumption English Dev. Board
AN-1044 Single input security passcode entry GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) Passcode, Pattern Recognition, Timing, S2P, SR Latch, CNT, DCMP, One-Shot, Digital Comparator, ACMP, Analog Comparator English
AN-1045 Bike Light LED Controller/Driver GreenPAK3 SLG46116V GreenFET, State Machine, LED, Headlights, Cycling, Blinking, P-FET Power Switch, Hz Generator, Deglitch, ACMP English Dev. Board
AN-1046 Various Edge Detector Circuits GreenPAK3 SLG46721V Edge Detector, Flexibility, P DLY, Pulse, Pipe Delay, DFF, LUT, nRESET, Filter English Dev. Board
AN-1047 Testing Power-up Conditions on GPAK Evaluation Board GreenPAK3 SLG46721V Testing, Power-Up, GreenPAK Evaluation Board, Emulator, Test Mode, Signal Generator, POR English Dev. Board
AN-1048 Reliable GreenCLK3 MHz Crystal Start-up is a Function of ESR and Crystal Package Size GreenCLK3 GreenCLK3, GCLK3, Clock, TCXO, XO, ESR, Equivalent Series Resistance, Crystals, Xtals, Start-up English
AN-1049 Infared Proximity Sensor GreenPAK3 SLG46722V Infrared, Proximity, Sensor, IR, TSOP31236, 36 kHz English Dev. Board
AN-1050 Ultrasonic Rangefinder GreenPAK3 SLG46722V HC-SR04, Ultrasonic, Sensor, Range, Detection English Dev. Board
AN-1051 Calibration Methods for Silego GreenCLKs GreenCLK GreenCLK, Clock Calibration, TCXO, Crystal Aging, 32.768 kHz English
AN-1052 GreenPAK Macro Circuit Design LED Brightness Control GreenPAK4 SLG46140V LED, FSM, PWM, Brightness, Control English Dev. Board
AN-1053 Constant current LED driver with SPI control GreenPAK4 SLG46140V SPI, LED, Constant Current, PWM, Voltage Comparison English Dev. Board
AN-1054 GreenPAK Macro Circuit RS flip flop with Reset priority GreenPAK4 SLG46140V RS, Flip Flop, Latch, Set, Reset English Dev. Board
AN-1055 GreenPAK Macro Circuit Design Wireless Remote Shutter Release GreenPAK4 SLG46620V IR Control, Camera Commands, Pattern Generation English Dev. Board
AN-1056 Macro circuit design ADC PWM GreenPAK4 SLG46620V ADC, PWM, Voltage Conversion, DFFs English Dev. Board
AN-1057 Servo Motor Control GreenPAK4 SLG46140V Servo, Servomotor, PWM, ADC, Control English Dev. Board
AN-1058 GreenPAK Macro Circuit Design Failsafe Watchdog GreenPAK3 SLG46110V H6006, WatchDog, Watch Dog, Voltage Monitoring, Example, SLG46110 English Dev. Board
AN-1059 SOS Emergency signal generator GreenPAK3 SLG46120V Signal Generator English Dev. Board
AN-1060 GreenPAK Linear to exponential converter GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) Linear, Exponential Law, Voltage Conversion, PWM Signal English
AN-1061 POR Operation for GreenPAK™ IC's GreenPAK2, GreenPAK3, GreenPAK4 SLG46721V, SLG46722V, SLG46110V, SLG46120V, SLG46400V (Rev B), SLG46114V, SLG46620V, SLG46116V, SLG46117V Power on reset, power sequencing, internal blocks states English Dev. Board
AN-1062 GreenPAK Macro Cell Design Constructing additional DFF types GreenPAK3 SLG46722V DFF, DFFs, Collected, Macro Cell, Macrocell, LUT, Cell, Example, Replacement, Alternate English Dev. Board
AN-1063 GreenPAK Application Note Edge triggered fast level shifter GreenPAK3 SLG46110V Fast Level Shifter, Level Shifter, Differentiator, Low Voltage, Low Voltage Digitl Input, LVDI, Fast, Different Voltage Levels English Dev. Board
AN-1064 Pulse Width Stretcher GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) Pulse, Spreader, Duration, Length, Multiplier English
AN-1065 SPI Serial-Parallel Converter GreenPAK4 SLG46620V Expansion, Converter, Serial, Parallel, S2P English Dev. Board
AN-1066 Voltage Slope Direction Determination Circuit GreenPAK4 SLG46620V Voltage, Ramp, Slope, Buffer, SPI, ADC English Dev. Board
AN-1067 Power Sequencer using GPAK GreenPAK3 SLG46120V FPGA, DSP, Processor, Sequencer, GreenPAK, CMIC, Latch, LUT English Dev. Board
AN-1068 GFET3 and HFET1 Integrated Power Switch Basics GreenFET3, HFET1 SLG59H1006V, SLG59M301V, SLG59M1446V, SLG59M610V, SLG59M611V, SLG59M1527V Integrated Power Switches, Reverse Current Blocking, Current Protection, Short Circuit Limit, Active Current Limit, Thermal Protection, GreenFET, Slew Rate Sensitivity Analysis, Bulk Switching, Back to back FETs English
AN-1069 12 V / 5 V Power Mux GreenPAK2, GreenFET1 SLG7NT4111V, SLG55021V Power Switch, Power Mux, 12V/5V Power Mux, Dual Supply English
AN-1070 A 3.3 V, 5 A or 10 A Electronic Circuit Breaker with Thermal Protection CurrentPAK, GreenPAK3 SLG6M6201V, SLG4T4788V Electronic Circuit Breaker, Over Current Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Current Monitor English Dev. Board
AN-1071 Delay cell calculations in GreenPAK3 Family CMIC’s GreenPAK3 SLG46110V, SLG46120V, SLG46721V, SLG46722V Delay Time, Oscillator, Variation, Series Connection English Dev. Board
AN-1072 Flashlight control using GPAK GreenPAK3 SLG46721V LED, Constant current, Flashlight English Dev. Board
AN-1073 Odd/Fractional frequency dividers GreenPAK3 SLG46721V Frequency, Divider, Period, Duration English Dev. Board
AN-1074 6-Channel Power Lines Sequencer GreenPAK4 SLG46140V Sequencer, Delay, Power sequencing, Switching, Power, Supply English Dev. Board
AN-1075 GreenPAK™ Voltmeter with 2 digit LED Display GreenPAK4 SLG46620V Voltmeter, Digital display, 7-bit display, LED display English Dev. Board
AN-1076 Wake/Sleep Timing Generator GreenPAK4 SLG46140V ACMP, Oscillator, ADC, Wake and Sleep English Dev. Board
AN-1077 Capacitive Touch Button Sensor GreenPAK3 SLG46110V, SLG46721V Touch Button Solution, Single Button, Dual Button, Capacitive Touch Control Interface, RESET English Dev. Board
AN-1078 Edge Triggered Latch Using GPAK GreenPAK3 SLG46721V DFF, Edge trigger, Latch English Dev. Board
AN-1079 High Speed Level Shifter With Dual Supply GreenPAK GreenPAK4 SLG46620V, SLG46621V Level Shift, Level Shifter, Level Shifting, Dual Supply, Dual Rail, High Speed, Interface, LVDI, Throughput English Dev. Board
AN-1080 GreenPAK4 Pulse Induction metal detector-security wand GreenPAK4 SLG46620V Proximity Detection, Security, Industrial Automation, Locator, Treasure Finder, Metal Detector, Pulse Induction. PI, Digital Averaging, Security Wand, Timing Vernier, Schematic, Search Coil English Dev. Board
AN-1081 GreenFET3 Integrated Power Switch Basics (Japanese) GreenFET3 SLG59M301V, SLG59M1446V, SLG59M610V, SLG59M611V, SLG59M1527V 集積化パワースイッチ, 逆流防止, 過電流保護, 短絡電流制限, アクティブ電流制限, 過熱保護, GreenFET, スルーレート感度分析, 基板スイッチング, 逆直列接続 Japanese
AN-1082 LED Snowfall Effects Lights GreenPAK4 SLG46620V LED, Lights, Blink English Dev. Board
AN-1083 SPI Parallel to Serial Converter GreenPAK4 SLG46620V SPI, P2S, Parallel to Serial, Converting FSM Data to Serial, Converting ADC Data to Serial English Dev. Board
AN-1084 High Speed Level Shifting With Dual Supply GreenPAK (Japanese) GreenPAK4 SLG46620V, SLG46621V レベルシフト, レベルシフター, レベル変換, 2電源, デュアルレイル, 高速インターフェース, 低電圧デジタル入力, スループット Japanese Dev. Board
AN-1085 GreenPAK boiling teapot effect LED's indicator GreenPAK4 SLG46620V LED, LED Effect, LED in Matrix, PWM, Temperature Sensor, Teapot, Bicolor LED, Blink English Dev. Board
AN-1086 Current Monitor with 2 digit LED Display GreenPAK4 SLG46620V ADC, Vref, Current Shunt Monitor, 7 segment display, Sensing, Sense English Dev. Board
AN-1087 LED Flashlight Mode Controller using Asynchronous State Machine design GreenPAK5 SLG46531V Asynchronous State Machine, LED, ASM, Flashlight, sos_signal_generator, Current Limiting, Li-ion Battery English Dev. Board
AN-1088 Asynchronous State Machine 4x4 Keypad Encoder GreenPAK5 SLG46531V Asynchronous State Machine, ASM, Keypad Encoder, Keypad, I2C, Driver, Arduino UNO English Dev. Board
AN-1089 I2C Controlled Window Comparators GreenPAK5 SLG46531V I2C, ACMP, Windows Comparator, Sequential Write, Addressing English Dev. Board
AN-1090 Simple I2C IO Controllers with SLG46531V GreenPAK5 SLG46531V I2C, I/O, Controller, SCL, SDA, Virtual English Dev. Board
AN-1091 How to change a GreenPAK comparator’s threshold voltage using I2C GreenPAK5 SLG46531V I2C, ACMP, Analog Comparator, Threshold English Dev. Board
AN-1092 I2C Controlled State Machine GreenPAK5 SLG46531V I2C, Asynchronous State Machine, ASM, Loop, Timing Control, Shared Trigger, CNT English Dev. Board
AN-1093 Collision Avoidance Controller GreenPAK4 SLG46620V Controller, Control, PWM, LEDs English Dev. Board
AN-1094 Mobile Dino Game GreenPAK3, GreenPAK4 SLG46722V, SLG46620V Dino, Game, Multichip, Dinosaur, Cactus English Dev. Board
AN-1095 Tiny metal detector GreenPAK4 SLG46140V Frequency Counter, Oscillator, Time Delay, Flip Flop, Door Closing Detector, Tiny Device English Dev. Board
AN-1096 Multiplexing Two Power Rails using Silego’s pFET IPS’s GreenFET3 SLG59M1639V, SLG59M1641V, SLG59M1748C Power Rail Multiplexing, Power Multiplexer, Switching 2 Inputs to Common Output, Power Make-Before-Break System English
AN-1097 7-Segment LED Control with GreenPAK5 GreenPAK5 SLG46531V 7-Segment, I2C, ASM, State Machine, LED, Multiplexing, Arduino English Dev. Board
AN-1098 Using GreenPAK's I2C Port to Control an RGB LED's Color GreenPAK5 SLG46531V RGB, LED, GreenPAK5, SLG46531V, I2C, Driver, PWM English Dev. Board
AN-1099 Using GreenPAK’s I2C Port to Control an RGB LED Pulse GreenPAK5 SLG46531V RGB, LED, GreenPAK5, SLG46531V, I2C, Driver, PWM English Dev. Board
AN-1100 Using GreenPAK’s I2C Port to Control an RGB LED Breathing Pattern GreenPAK5 SLG46531V RGB, LED, GreenPAK5, SLG46531V, I2C, Driver, PWM English Dev. Board
AN-1101 Unclocked Quadrature Decoder GreenPAK4 SLG46620V Quadrature Decoder, State Machine, Rotation, Dial English Dev. Board
AN-1102 I2C-Readable Analog to Digital Converter GreenPAK4, GreenPAK5 SLG46620V, SLG46531V ADC, I2C, I2C Read, Arduino, SPI, Parallel English Dev. Board
AN-1103 Self-referencing Capacitive Touch Sensor GreenPAK4 SLG46140V Capacitive, Touch, Sensor, Improved, Finger, Wake, Sleep, FSM, DCMP, Self-referencing English Dev. Board
AN-1104 I2C Level Shifter GreenPAK4 SLG46621V I2C, Level Shifter, Level Shift, 400kHz, Voltage Translation, Voltage Translator English Dev. Board
AN-1105 A State Machine Linear Sequencer GreenPAK5 SLG46531V Sequencer, ASM, PMIC English Dev. Board
AN-1106 Custom Instrumentation Amplifier Design OpAmp SLG88101V, SLG88102V Instrumentation Amplifier, Difference Amplifier, Operational Amplifier, Op Amp, Rail to Rail, Common-Mode Rejection, CMRR, Gain Bandwidth, AC Response, RC Filter, PCB Layout Design, Signal Biasing, Closed Loop Gain Error, Open Loop Gain Error English
AN-1107 How to Use Silego's Arduino Library with GreenPAK GreenPAK5 SLG46531V, SLG46532V, SLG46533V, SLG46534V, SLG46535V, SLG46536V Arduino, I2C, Library, Write, Read English Dev. Board
AN-1108 Multi-Power Source Management GreenPAK3 SLG46110V Multi, Power, Source, Management, Battery, Adapter, Wake, Sleep, IPS, ACMP English Dev. Board
AN-1109 Four-level voltage comparison with single comparator in PAK GreenPAK3 SLG46120V ACMP, Analog, Comparator, ADC, Battery, Monitor, DAC, Four, Level, Comparison, Octave, Resistor Ladder English Dev. Board
AN-1110 ASM Counter with display GreenPAK5 SLG46531V ASM, State Machine, Counter, 7-segment Display English Dev. Board
AN-1111 Sine Wave Generator GreenPAK5 SLG46531V Sine Wave, PWM, Arduino, I2C, Duty Cycle, Filter English Dev. Board
AN-1112 Improving HFET1's VIN Transient Protection HFET1 SLG59H1006V, SLG59H1005V, SLG59H1007V, SLG59H1008V, SLG59H1010V, SLG59H1120V Over Voltage Protection, Protection from Inductive Loads, Transient Protection English
AN-1113 Security Door Lock with Keypad Entry GreenPAK4 SLG46620V 4x4 Keypad, Password Control, Security Lock, State Machine English Dev. Board
AN-1114 Brushless DC Motor Control GreenPAK4 SLG46620V BLDC, PWM, PLL, duty cycle, motor control English Dev. Board
AN-1115 Analog Decoder for Single Wire Multi-Key Detection GreenPAK4 SLG46140V Analog Decoder, Single Wire, Multi-Key Detection, Wake, Sleep, WS Ctrl, Multi-level Comparator, Digital Comparator, Analog Comparator, ADC, ACMP, DCMP English Dev. Board
AN-1116 One-Shot Pulse Generator GreenPAK5 SLG46533V I2C, One-Shot, Multiplexing English Dev. Board
AN-1117 Speed Regulating PWM Fan Motor Controller GreenPAK5 SLG46531V PWM, Fan, Control, I2C, Hall Effect Sensor, RPM, Buck, Speed, Regulating, Motor English Dev. Board
AN-1118 Eight Output 8-bit PCM LED Dimming Using ASM GreenPAK5 SLG46531V PWM, PCM, ASM, I2C, LED, Pulse Width Modulation, Pulse Code Modulation English Dev. Board
AN-1119 Simple I2C IO Controllers with SLG46537V (Japanese) GreenPAK5 SLG46537V I2C, IOエキスパンダー, 入出力端子, 増設, IOコントローラ Japanese Dev. Board
AN-1120 Bluetooth-Controlled Car/Robot GreenPAK4 SLG46620V Bluetooth Module, Motor Driver, Motor Control, Mix Application Inverter 2, UART Protocol, Android App, Car Controller, Robot Controller English Dev. Board
AN-1121 A GreenPAK™ based Digital Clock GreenPAK4 SLG46620V LED, 7-segment Display, State Machine, Crystal Oscillator, Clock English Dev. Board
AN-1122 LED Dimmer with Analog Regulation GreenPAK3 SLG46120V LED, Dimmer, Dimming, Feedback, Control, PWM, ACMP, Analog, Regulation English Dev. Board
AN-1123 LED Dimmer with Analog Regulation (Japanese) GreenPAK3 SLG46120V LED, Dimmer, Dimming, Feedback, Control, PWM, ACMP, Analog, Regulation Japanese Dev. Board
AN-1124 AC Lightbulb Dimmer with a GreenPAK and TRIAC GreenPAK4 SLG46140V AC Load, Phase Control, Dimmer, TRIAC Driver English Dev. Board
AN-1125 In-System Debug for GreenPAK™ Devices with I2C Serial Communication GreenPAK5 SLG46531V, SLG46532V, SLG46533V, SLG46534V, SLG46535V, SLG46536V, SLG46537V, SLG46533M , SLG46537M, SLG46538M In-System Debug, ISD, I2C, Non-Volatile Memory, NVM English Dev. Board
AN-1126 ASM to Synchronous Conversion GreenPAK5 SLG46531V State, Transition, Synchronous, Clock, ASM, SSM English Dev. Board
AN-1127 Enhanced Lead-Acid Battery Management GreenPAK5 SLG46531V Open-circuit Voltage, OCV, ASM, Lead Acid, Battery English Dev. Board
AN-1128 GreenPAK LCD Driver frees microcontroller pins GreenPAK4 SLG46620V LCD, Driver, Microcontroller, Arduino, I/O Expander English Dev. Board
AN-1129 Android controlled LCD Display GreenPAK4 SLG46620V Android, LCD, Display, Bluetooth English Dev. Board
AN-1130 Gandalf's Staff with GreenPAK™ GreenPAK4 SLG46620V Gandalf, RGB, LED, Effects Lighting, Accelerometer, Sensor, Portable English Dev. Board
AN-1131 8 Channel Digital Input Data Acquisition Card using LABVIEW GreenPAK4 SLG46620V Data Acquisition, Labview, Virtual Instrument Software Architecture, VISA English Dev. Board
AN-1132 8 Channel Digital Output Data Acquisition card using LABVIEW GreenPAK4 SLG46620V Data Acquisition, DAQ, Labview, TTL Module, Virtual Instrument Software Architecture, VISA English Dev. Board
AN-1133 Flammable Gas Monitor GreenPAK5 SLG46531V Flammable Gas, Monitor, CMOS Sensor, CCS801, MQ-2 Sensor English Dev. Board
AN-1134 Drawing Characters on an Android App and Displaying it on LED Matrix GreenPAK5 SLG46537V Drawing, Characters, Android, LED Matrix, Arduino UNO, I2C, Bluetooth English Dev. Board
AN-1135 Improving Gas Valve Safety Compliance with GreenPAK™ GreenPAK5 SLG46531V MCU, Gas, Valve, Safety Compliance, ASM English Dev. Board
AN-1136 LED Matrix Sequential Character Display GreenPAK4 SLG46620V 8x8, LED Matrix, Sequential Character, Display, Arduino English Dev. Board
AN-1137 Serial Output Tips & Techniques GreenPAK4, GreenPAK5 SLG46620V, SLG46531V Serial, Output, Tips, Techniques, Pattern, Generator, PGEN, ASM, Gray, Code, Binary, DFF, Pipe Delay English Dev. Board
AN-1138 Speed Regulating PWM Fan Motor Controller GreenPAK5 SLG46531V PWM, Fan, Control, I2C, Hall Effect Sensor, RPM, Buck, Speed, Regulating, Motor Japanese Dev. Board
AN-1139 Binary Sequence Detector GreenPAK3, GreenPAK5 SLG46110V, SLG46531V Binary, Sequence, Detector, ASM, Flip-Flop, Moore Machine, Mealy Machine English Dev. Board
AN-1140 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller using GreenPAK™ GreenPAK4 SLG46140V Ultrasonic, Pest, Repeller, Passive Infra-Red, PIR, Transducer English Dev. Board
AN-1141 A Two-Button Touch Sensor GreenPAK4 SLG46620V Two-Button, Touch, Sensor English Dev. Board
AN-1142 Bat Detector – Ultrasound Translator GreenPAK5 SLG46531V Bat, Detector, Ultrasound, Translator, TTL Technology English Dev. Board
AN-1143 Line Follower Control Circuit for Robots GreenPAK5 SLG46531V Line, Follower, Control, Circuit, Robots, LUTs, Karnaugh´s Maps English Dev. Board
AN-1144 I2C IO Controllers 8-bit BUS GreenPAK5 SLG46531V I2C, I/O, Controller, BUS English Dev. Board
AN-1145 Acoustic Relay GreenPAK4 SLG46140V Acoustic, Relay English Dev. Board
AN-1146 A GreenPAK Carbon Monoxide Detector GreenPAK4 SLG46140V Carbon, Monoxide, Detector, Alarm, Potentiostat, ADC, LED English Dev. Board
AN-1147 Salinity Sensor GreenPAK5, OpAmp SLG46531V, SLG88102V Salinity, Sensor, Electric Conductivity, EC, Salt, Tap, Bottled, Water, OpAmp English Dev. Board
AN-1148 Voltmeter Ammeter Autorange Control GreenPAK4 SLG46621V Voltmeter, Ammeter, Autorange, Control English Dev. Board
AN-1149 Auxiliary Smartphone Battery Power Management Circuit GreenPAK4, OpAmp, GreenFET3 SLG59M1709V, SLG88101V, SLG46620V Auxiliary, Smartphone, Battery Power, Management, Circuit, LiPo Charger, Constant Current, CC, Constant Voltage, CV English Dev. Board
AN-1150 Auto-ranging I2C Capacitance Meter GreenPAK5 SLG46538M Auto-ranging, I2C, Capacitance, Meter English Dev. Board
AN-1151 Solar Powered Smart Street Lamp GreenPAK4 SLG46140V Solar, Powered, Smart, Street, Lamp English Dev. Board
AN-1152 Incrementing and Decrementing One-Shot GreenPAK5 SLG46536V Incrementing, Decrementing, One-Shot English Dev. Board
AN-1153 Stepper Motor Controller GreenPAK5 SLG46531V Stepper, Motor, Controller English Dev. Board
AN-1154 Parking Assist System with GreenPAK™ GreenPAK5 SLG46531V Parking, Assist, System, Distance, Measuring, Sensor, Proximity Sensor English Dev. Board
AN-1155 Smart Home Controller GreenPAK4 SLG46620V Smart, Home, Controller, HC06, Bluetooth, Module, Android, UART English Dev. Board
AN-1156 Fall Detection Alert using GreenPAK™ GreenPAK4, GreenPAK5 SLG46620V, SLG46533V Fall, Detection, Alert, Elderly, Care, ADXL335 Module, 3- axis, Accelerometer, ESP-01 Module, Panic, Button English Dev. Board
AN-1157 Adding Security to 433MHz Wireless Communication GreenPAK3 SLG46120V, SLG46722V Adding, Security, 433MHz, Wireless, Communication, Transmitter, Receiver, Noise, Coding, LFSR Structure, Galois Field, Polynomial English Dev. Board
AN-1158 Rotary Encoder to Analog Converter GreenPAK4 SLG46140V Rotary, Encoder, Analog, Converter, VFD, Variable, Frequency, Drive, DC Motor, Pulse–to–Voltage English Dev. Board
AN-1159 Accurate Mains Frequency Monitor with Calibration GreenPAK4 SLG46620V Accurate, Mains, Frequency, Monitor, Calibration, ACMP, Schottky, Diode English Dev. Board
AN-1160 Power Switching for Inductive Loads in Surge and Noise Sensitive Applications HFET1 SLG59H1012V Power, Switching, Inductive, Loads, Surge, Noise, Sensitive, Applications, Radioshack, Motor, HFET, DC, Vibration, Amplifier English
AN-1161 A GreenPAK™ Wireless Morse Code Keyboard GreenPAK5 SLG46537V GreenPAK, Wireless, Morse, Code, Keyboard, Button, Bluetooth, Asynchronous State Machine, ASM English Dev. Board
AN-1162 Levitator GreenPAK4 SLG46140V Levitator, Equilibrium, Magnetic, Gravity English Dev. Board
AN-1163 Human Sensed Automatic Door Opening and Closing System using PIR Sensor in GreenPAK™ GreenPAK4 SLG46140V Human, Sensed, Automatic, Door, Opening, Closing, System, PIR Sensor, Motor, Driver, Module, Passive, Infra-Red, Motion, Detector, Clockwise, Counterclockwise English Dev. Board
AN-1164 Cycle Stealing Control GreenPAK4 SLG46620V Cycle, Stealing, Control, Phase-angle, Schottky Diode English Dev. Board
AN-1165 Room Thermostat GreenPAK4 SLG46620V Room, Thermostat, Heating, Cooling, Mode, Temperature, Sensor, Power, Supply, Unit, Analog, Comparator, Relay, Driver, 7-segment, Display English Dev. Board
AN-1166 Lithium Polymer Battery Charger using GreenPAK™ State Machine GreenPAK5 SLG46531V Lithium Polymer, Battery, Charger, GreenPAK, State, Machine, Analog, Control, Timing, Signaling, Module, ASM Block, Indicator English Dev. Board
AN-1167 Transformer Protection using GreenPAK GreenPAK3 SLG46721V Utility, Transformer, Protection, GreenPAK, Analog, Relay, LV, Low Voltage, HV, High Voltage, Winding, CT, Current Transformer, Delta-Star Connection English Dev. Board
AN-1168 Tire Pressure Sensor GreenPAK4, OpAmp SLG46620V, SLG88103V Tire, Pressure, Sensor English Dev. Board
AN-1169 Digital Optical Tachometer using GreenPAK GreenPAK5 SLG46533V Digital, Optical, Tachometer, Infrared, Sensor, Toggle, Control, LED, BCD Code, Hall Effect, Rotary, Encoder English Dev. Board
AN-1170 RGB LED Pseudo Nixie Driver GreenPAK4 SLG46620V RGB, LED, Pseudo, Nixie, Driver, Tube English Dev. Board
AN-1172 LED Cube with Animation to the Music Rhythm GreenPAK5 SLG46538V LED, Cube, Animation, Music, Rhythm English Dev. Board
AN-1173 Quadrant Photodiode Circuitry for High Precision Displacement Measurement OpAmp SLG88104V Low Voltage, Ultra-low Power, Low-Noise, Quadrant, Photodiode, Circuitry, High, Precision, Displacement, Measurement English
AN-1174 Battery Powered Portable Geiger Counters GreenPAK5 SLG46533V Battery, Power, Portable, Geiger, Counter English Dev. Board
AN-1175 A High Voltage DC-DC Сonverter GreenPAK4 SLG46620V High, Voltage, DC, DC, Converter English Dev. Board
AN-1176 RFID Sensor Dog Door GreenPAK5 SLG46531V RFID, Sensor, Dog, Door, Pet, Controller English Dev. Board
AN-1177 Flexible Range ADC with I2C Interface GreenPAK5 SLG46533V, SLG46536V, SLG46538V Flexible, Range, ADC, I2C, Interface English Dev. Board
AN-1178 Practical Use of GreenPAK™ Pulse Counter: Frequency Counter, Thermometer, Voltmeter GreenPAK5 SLG46533V Practical, Use, GreenPAK, Pulse, Counter, Frequency, Thermometer, Voltmeter English Dev. Board
AN-1179 Multiplexing a 4-Digit LED Drive and a 4x4 Keypad Scanner GreenPAK5 SLG46538V Multiplexing, 4-Digit, LED, Drive, 4x4, Keypad, Scanner English Dev. Board
AN-1180 Air Quality Control System Using GreenPAK™ GreenPAK4 SLG46140V Air, Quality, Control, System English Dev. Board
AN-1181 Smarthome Control and Monitoring System using Blynk IOS/Android App GreenPAK5 SLG46538V Smarthome, Control, Monitoring, System, Blynk, IOS, Android, App English Dev. Board
AN-1182 Fitness Game GreenPAK4 SLG46620V Fitness, Game English Dev. Board
AN-1183 Automatic Watering System GreenPAK4 SLG46620V Automatic, Watering, System English Dev. Board
AN-1184 Remote Control IR Receiver / Decoder GreenPAK4 SLG46140V, SLG46620V Remote, Control, IR, Receiver, Decoder English Dev. Board
AN-1185 Geiger Counter and LabView Interface GreenPAK4 SLG46620V Geiger, Counter, LabView, Interface English Dev. Board
AN-1186 Cyclic Redundancy Check Generator Unit for 1-wire Protocol GreenPAK5 SLG46533V Cyclic, Redundancy, Check, Generator, Unit, 1-wire, Protocol English Dev. Board
AN-1187 High Efficiency Adjustable Buck Converter GreenPAK4 SLG46621V High, Efficiency, Adjustable, Buck, Converter English Dev. Board
AN-1188 Power Line Communication to Send Digital Data using GreenPAK™ GreenPAK4 SLG46620V Power, Line, Communication, Send, Digital, Data, GreenPAK English Dev. Board
AN-1189 Coin Counter GreenPAK5 SLG46531V Coin, Counter, Piggy, Bank English Dev. Board
AN-1190 Ultra-low Power Low Voltage Lock-in Amplifier for Embedded Applications OpAmp SLG88104V Ultra-low, Power, Low, Voltage, Lock-in, Amplifier, Embedded, Applications English
AN-1191 Wall Following Robot GreenPAK4 SLG46620V Wall, Following, Robot English Dev. Board
AN-1192 Power Duty Cycle Controller to Prolong Battery Life, with MCU Programmable Duty Cycle GreenPAK3 SLG46721V Programmable, Power, Duty, Cycle, Controller, Prolong, Battery, Life, MCU English Dev. Board
AN-1193 Digital Optical Tachometer using GreenPAK™ (Chinese) GreenPAK5 SLG46533V 数字,光学,转速表,红外,传感器,切换,控制,发光二极管(LED),BCD码,霍尔效应,旋转,编码器 Chinese Dev. Board
AN-1194 Quadrant Photodiode Circuitry for High Precision Displacement Measurement (Chinese) OpAmp SLG88104V 高,精度,位移,测量,象限,光电二,极管,电路 Chinese
AN-1195 Supercapacitor-Based Backup Solutions: a Design Toolkit GreenPAK5 SLG46537V Supercapacitor, Based, Backup, Solutions, Design, Toolkit English Dev. Board
AN-1196 Temperature Sensor with PIR Thermistor (Chinese) GreenPAK2 SLG46400V (Rev B) 传感器,温度监视器,热敏电阻,延时,ACMP,模拟转换,报警限值 Chinese
AN-1197 Ambient Conditions Monitoring of Power Transformer using GreenPAK™ GreenPAK4 SLG46620V Ambient, Conditions, Monitoring, Power, Transformer English Dev. Board
AN-1198 Power Generator Protection through Differential Relay using GreenPAK™ GreenPAK4 SLG46620V Power, Generator, Protection, Differential, Relay English Dev. Board
AN-1199 GreenPAK™ RPS Counter GreenPAK5 SLG46533V RPS, Revolutions, per, Second, Counter English Dev. Board
AN-1200 True Random Number Generator Hardware GreenPAK4 SLG46620V True, Random, Number, Generator, Hardware English Dev. Board
AN-1201 GreenPAK™ in a Temperature Sensing System GreenPAK5 SLG46537V Temperature, Sensing, System English Dev. Board
AN-1202 A Boost Converter Design for Energy Harvesting Applications (Part 1) GreenFET3, GreenPAK5 SLG59M1710V, SLG46533V Boost, Converter, Design, Energy, Harvesting, Applications English Dev. Board
AN-1203 Ultra-Low Power Wi-Fi Connected IoT Node GreenPAK3, GreenPAK5 SLG46108V, SLG46537V Ultra-Low, Power, Wi-Fi, Connected, IoT, Node English Dev. Board
AN-1204 DTMF Tone Generator GreenPAK4, OpAmp SLG46620V, SLG88104V Dual-Tone, Multi-Frequency, Tone, Generator English Dev. Board
AN-1205 Implementing an Electronic Leveling Tool GreenPAK3, OpAmp SLG46120V, SLG88104V Implementing, Electronic, Leveling, Tool English Dev. Board
AN-1206 Kitchen Timer GreenPAK4 SLG46620V Kitchen, Timer English Dev. Board
AN-1207 Inductive Load Power Switch Considerations GreenFET3 SLG59M1638V Inductive, Load, Power, Switch, Considerations English
AN-1208 Overcurrent Protection Device GreenPAK3 SLG46116V Overcurrent, Protection, Device English Dev. Board
AN-1209 Constant Current RGB LED Driver GreenPAK5 SLG46580V Constant Current, RGB LED Driver, LED Driver, I2C Control, LED Brightness Control, Current Regulation, Voltage Feedback, Power Switch, ACMP, Switching Regulator, Modulation English Dev. Board
AN-1210 Zero Crossing Detector GreenPAK3 SLG46110V Zero, Crossing, Detector English Dev. Board
AN-1211 Frequency Doubler GreenPAK4 SLG46621V Frequency, Doubler English Dev. Board
AN-1212 Transformer Overload Protection GreenPAK3 SLG46721V Transformer, Overload, Protection English Dev. Board
AN-1213 Smart Pillow GreenPAK4 SLG46620V Smart, Pillow English Dev. Board
AN-1214 Low Cost Portable Breathalyzer GreenPAK4 SLG46140V Low, Cost, Portable, Breathalyzer English Dev. Board
AN-1215 Maze Runner Robot GreenPAK5 SLG46531V Maze, Runner, Robot English Dev. Board
AN-1216 Class-D Audio Amplifier GreenPAK4 SLG46140V Class-D, Audio, Amplifier English Dev. Board
AN-1217 A Boost Converter Design for Energy Harvesting Applications (Part 2) GreenPAK5, GreenFET3 SLG46533V, SLG59M1639V Boost, Converter, Design, Energy, Harvesting, Applications English Dev. Board
AN-1218 A Compact Rapid Charger for Li-Ion Cells GreenPAK5, GreenPAK3 SLG46533V, SLG46116V Compact, Rapid, Charger, Li-Ion, Cells English Dev. Board
WP-1001 Asynchronous State Machine vs MCU GreenPAK5 SLG46531V, SLG46532V Microcontroller Crash Monitor, Asynchronous State Machine, Low Interrupt Latency, Embedded Control, IOT English Dev. Board
WP-1002 Asynchronous State Machine vs MCU (Traditional Chinese) GreenPAK5 SLG46531V, SLG46532V 微控制器碰撞監視器,異步狀態機,低中斷延遲,嵌入式控制,物聯網 Chinese Dev. Board
WP-1003 Asynchronous State Machine vs MCU (Simplified Chinese) GreenPAK5 SLG46531V, SLG46532V 微控制器碰撞监视器,异步状态机,低中断延迟,嵌入式控制,物联网 Chinese Dev. Board
WP-1004 Designing an Accurate SPICE Macromodel for Ultra-Low Power, Rail-to-Rail CMOS Op Amps OpAmp SLG88103V, SLG88104V
Designing, Accurate, SPICE, Macromodel, Ultra-Low Power, Rail-to-Rail, CMOS, Op Amps English

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