General FAQs

Is Silego Technology ISO certified?
Does Silego have its own fabrication facilities?
Where does Silego have facilities?
What is the Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) for Silego parts?
What are the HTS codes for Silego parts?
How to read the date code on a chip and where do I find it?
How to read the marking on Silego IC package?


Why should I consider GreenPAK for my next design?
How should I pick the part that works best for my design?
What is the latest version of the GreenPAK Designer software?
Do I have to program GreenPAK in production?
What does Silego need from me to move into production on GreenPAK?
If Silego assists me with doing the design for GreenPAK, how long does it take to get the first version?
What is the maximum data rate of GreenPAK3 and GreenPAK4?
Can I apply a voltage higher than Vdd on an input pin?
What is the input impedance seen at the analog pin?
How is quiescent current defined and how is it so low?
What is propagation delay time of GreenPAK?
What is the state of the pins at power on and during the power on sequence?
How does the part configure itself at start-up?
What type of NVM memory is onboard?
How can the Dev board emulate the design if the part is OTP?
Can I solder blank parts on my board and then program the NVM?
The NVM is read each time the part powers up, so how many read cycles can the NVM reliably perform in its lifetime?
What sort of data is there concerning environmental effects (Temperature, radiation, etc…) on NVM reliability and lifetime?
What is the difference between GreenPAK2 Rev A and Rev B silicon?
How can I tell my Rev A and Rev B IC’s apart?


What is the application for GFET3 integrated power switches?
How can I control the voltage ramp rate on GFET3 devices?
Does Silego provide demo kit and evaluation kit for GFET?
What is MSL level and RoHS status on GFET?


What does Battery charger ID mean?
What's the output current of Battery charger ID?
What is the difference between SDP, CDP and DCP?
What is Smart-CDP?